Program Overview

The Program consists of three primary phases. In each phase, the participants will have different activities and experiences designed to make the most of their time in Nepal.

Orientation Phase

At the beginning of this phase, participants will be given a brief orientation about the schedule of the program, health care, some cultural clues (the dos and don’ts) and information about the Nepali host family. City tours will be arranged including some important places such as the Immigration Office, the Post Office, banks and other facilities in the Pokhara valley. During this phase, participants will learn basic communication skills in spoken Nepali from a professional language trainer. Participants will also stay with a Nepali family to stimulate cross-cultural experiences and to reinforce new language skills. This also provides ample opportunities for participants to learn about Nepal before moving to the placement site.  All these activities and experiences will help them to build self confidence and develop the cultural understanding necessary for starting the placement phase.

Placement Phase

During this phase participants will work at their placement sites according to their interests and the needs of the host organization. Participants will work in coordination with a staff member of the host organization. Insight Nepal functions as a liaison between the volunteer and the host organization.

Since participants will be working and interacting with different people in a new environment, it will be an excellent opportunity to share their ideas and skills with others.  In other words, this is a process of “give and take” in which participants not only contribute their time and skills but gain a new perspective of the world. This phase can be as challenging as it is rewarding but it will be an unforgettable experience.

Village Excursion/ Trekking Phase

Insight Nepal will organize a trekking in the Annapurna Mountain area where participants will have an opportunity to observe one of the best models for conservation projects throughout the world. This is primarily to introduce them to rural areas of Nepal beyond the city. While trekking through the mountains and villages, participants will share in the traditional lifestyle of the Nepali people and enjoy the fascinating views of snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys with their flora and fauna.

A 3 - Day Meditation Course

The 3 - day meditation course provides you an introduction to Buddhist philosophy, meditation and Yoga in the Buddhist meditation Centre in Pokhara.

During their stay in Nepal, participants will have tremendous opportunities to explore and discover a new way of life. Most importantly, they will have an opportunity to use their skills to deal with some unique challenges of life in Nepal.

More information about the program is available in Program Details.

Other Services

Besides Volunteer Placements, we also offer the following individual services that give you the opportunity to confidently explore Nepali life and culture.

Nepali Language Courses: We provide intensive language training for groups and private lessons for individuals from basic to advance level. Trained and experienced teachers present classes to suit each participant's need and pace of learning. We also provide a special course for reading and writing Nepali scripts.

Nepali Home-stay: For those who are interested in understanding and gaining a cultural experience directly, we offer a Nepali home-stay. This home-stay can be organized for an individual or family who are seeking an economical as well as interactive travel experience in Nepal.

Translation/Interpretation: We provide translation or interpretation services in Nepali, English and other local languages for those who are involved in research, study or work in Nepal.

Academic/Study tour: We can assist and organize a special package program for any organization or school interested in running any kind of study tours, internships or semester programs in Nepal.

Partnership with other volunteer organization: We are also open to work as a Nepal representative for any international volunteer organization.

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