Nepal At A Glance


Area 1,47,181 sq. km
Location Landlocked by China in the north and India in the south, Nepal lies between 80.4' and 88.12' east longitude and 26.22' and 30.27' north latitude.
Capital Kathmandu
Population 30 million
Language Nepali. However, the educated people understand and speak English.
Currency Nepalese Rupee (NRP); US$1 approximately equals NPR 95 as of September 2013
Political System  Republic
Religion Majority of the people, about 80%, in Nepal follow Hinduism. Almost 10% of the population is Buddhist. Other minority religions in Nepal are Islam and Christianity.
Climate There are four seasons. Nepal's climate varies with its topography. The Terai (southern plains) is hot and humid, the mid-lands are pleasant almost all year round while the mountain regions have considerably cod winters.
Cultural Diversity Nepal is home to more than 61 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages

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